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Microvisioneer announces partnership with virtual microscopy platform Crosscope

New feature integrated in Microvisioneer manualWSI software allowing direct upload of whole slide images to innovative new cloud platform.

Microvisioneer is delighted to announce the integration of a new “direct-upload-to-cloud”-feature in its manualWSI manual scanning software based on a collaboration with California based innovative virtual microscopy platform Crosscope.

The new feature, available with the upcoming manualWSI edition, enables direct, easy and quick upload of acquired whole slide images (WSI) to Crosscope Scholar, a FREE access Digital Pathology cloud platform, empowering pathologists with fully remote workflows.

The partnership of Microvisioneer and Crosscope provides our customers with a unique, cost effective and integrated solution that allows virtual slides to be captured and then uploaded to a cloud platform in one go. The transition to a remote work environment and the adoption of a full digital workflow has never been easier.

Along with wider pathology networking opportunities, Crosscope Scholar provides modern collaboration tools such as groups and interactive annotations sessions built on top of a fast and fluid web viewer. Upload and organize WSI images to your private and secure virtual slidebox and publish cases to pathology streams of knowledge base by contributing to your colleagues’ questions and answers.

To sign up for the Crosccope Scholar integration, please send an email to

To learn more about Crosscope, visit

To learn more about Microvisioneer manual Whole Slide Imaging, visit


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