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Scan & Share - New InstaSlide Edition Available!

Microvisioneer has released a new 2024 version of the slide sharing tool InstaSlide.

In addition to the well-known benefits of InstaSlide, such as the speed with which scans can be shared, InstaSlide can now be integrated directly into Microvisioneer's manual scanning software.

This makes scanning and sharing even easier:

  • Scans can be automatically saved in predefined session folders. A worldwide accessible URL is automatically created for each scan session.

  • Contacts that are supposed to view the scans can be selected from a built-in personalized address book.

  • The selected contacts will automatically receive an email notification containing the URL within seconds.

  • Any remote contact who receives the URL can view the zoomable scans on any device with a web browser.

  • InstaSlide remains to be extremely fast thanks to a unique sharing technology; hundreds of slides can be shared within seconds, even on slow internet connections.

Remote viewing of digital scans on a smartphone and tablet
Share scans in an instant with Microvisioneer's InstaSlide

For more information, visit the InstaSlide website or send us an email to


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