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automated glomerulus annotations image analysis


With Microvisioneer manualWSI, it is possible to digitize glass slides at high quality right away with an existing microscope - without any major investments. The creation of virtual slides comes with several invaluable advantages; thereby, the possibility to perform automated analyses on the whole slide images is certainly a particular attractive option that holds enormous potential, for both routine and research work.

The Germany-based company HS Analysis develop image analysis software ranging from classical image processing to state-of-the-art AI-based tools. In addition, they offer customized solutions based on individual needs.  

Automated Glomerulus Analysis in manualWSI Scans with a HS Analysis Deep Learning Tool 

Both the Microvisioneer manualWSI software and the offerings of HS Analysis are exceptionally versatile, making it possible to find a solution for almost any task.

As an example, in the video below the scanning process of a HE-stained rat kidney section and the subsequent deep-learning based glomerulus analysis are presented. 

The assessment of the glomerulus structure and the quantification of normal and abnormal glomeruli are fundamental morphologic parameters in the histologic evaluation of kidney biopsies. 

Watch the process of scanning and automated image analysis!


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