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Share virtual slides instantly.

InstaSlide slide sharing software

Our software solutions are affordable and immediately available.
Used in 60+ countries worldwide.

Telemicroscopy without cloud upload

View digital slides anywhere 

Share digital slides

Share digital slides within seconds with anyone, anywhere. 
View slides from any distant location with any device.
Your telemicroscopy solution.

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Slide Sharing with InstaSlide


Install the software on your computer. Start the application.

InstaSlide needs to be run on the computer that contains the scanned images that are supposed to be shared.

InstaSlide can be fully integrated into Microvisioneer's manual scanning software as scans are directly saved to predefined session folders. 


slide scanning and sharing integrated into one solution

Benefits of InstaSlide

wordlwide slide sharing

Read Slides Anywhere

There is no need to visit remote sites to view slides. Save your precious time and simply ask a colleague to scan slides and share them instantly online via InstaSlide. Slides become accessible with any device at any location.

share digital slides with anyone

Show Slides to Anyone

Share difficult slides with your colleagues for a second opinion. They just need a web browser to have a look at the scans.

fast slide sharing

Save Time

Common upload of scans to pathology cloud platforms takes a lot of time.

InstaSlide shares even terabytes of virtual slides within seconds.

Sharing and reading slides via InstaSlide is extremely fast, even with slow internet connections.

high quality slide sharing

Maintain Image Quality

The InstaSlide web viewer does not use the traditional screen sharing technology often used by telemicroscopy solutions. As a result, the image quality is superior to traditional techniques

Which Scans Can Be Shared? 

Generally, all digital images in svs or tiff file format can be shared.

InstaSlide of course works perfectly with Microvisioneer's manual scanning software mvSlide.  

As manual slide scanning is much more affordable than motorized scanning, a telemicroscopy workflow can be easily set up anywhere very quickly and without financial risks.   


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