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Compared to many standard pathology specimens, haematological and microbiological samples often need to be displayed at high magnification and oil immersion to capture a sufficient level of details. Only a few automated solutions allowing the acquisition of oil-immersion based whole slide images (WSI) are available, normally at very high costs due to the increased complexity.

Microvisioneer offers possibilities for high-quality yet affordable oil immersion slide scanning

With the Microvisioneer manual scanning system, oil-based scanning at 40X, 60X or 100X objective lens magnification in turn is practical, easy and clearly more affordable than any automated solution. As the manual scanning approach is essentially based on the integration of a traditional manual microscope, high acquisition costs become obsolete.

With the manualWSI software, hematopathologists and microbiologists can easily upgrade their existing microscopes to manual scanners and create high-quality digital scans of blood smears, bone marrow aspirates, gram stains and other specimens requiring oil immersion manually at exceptionally low costs.

Zoom into representative images!

Scan Parameters:

  • Objective Lens Magnification: 100X Quality with 60X Oil Immersion Objective (1.25 N.A.)

  • Microscope: Olympus BX60

How to save scanning time at high magnification?

Scanning at very high magnifications with oil immersion takes more time than at lower magnifications. To save scanning time, scanning of representative regions of interest is often sufficient.

Further, the unique Microvisioneer "Freeze-Mode" allows to scan multiple selected sub-sections of a glass slide into one virtual slide, creating a representative image while saving time.



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