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Several benefits are associated to whole slide imaging of microscopy slides, such as the possibility to view and assess a complete specimen or sample at the required magnification, the chance to easily share the digital scans with colleagues or remote experts or the option to create high-quality images for publication.

With regards to fluorescent slides, their digitization comes with an additional specific advantage: by digitizing the slides, the quality of the stain is preserved. The issue of bleaching of the original glass slides over time can thus be circumvented.

Easy and affordable fluorescence slide scanning

While automated devices allowing for fluorescent slide scanning are highly expensive, with the Fluorescence Edition of the Microvisioneer manualWSI software, fluorescent slides can be scanned at low costs and high quality with the existing microscope equipment.

With the manualWSI software, the images are smoothly stitched in real time by moving the stage, and thus a seamless zoomable whole slide image is being created. Lengthy and inconvenient manual stitching of single images will not be necessary anymore.

Depending on the hardware, both single channel as well as multi-channel fluorescence imaging is possible.

Zoom into an example scan!

Scan parameters:

  • Objective Lens Magnification: 20X, 0.75 N.A.

  • Microscope: Olympus BX60

  • Light Source: CoolLED pE-300white

  • Filterset: AHF Tripleband Filterset DAPI/FITC/TRITC for pE-300


Image details:​

FluoCells™ prepared slide #3 (mouse kidney section with Alexa Fluor™ 488 WGA, Alexa Fluor™ 568 Phalloidin, and DAPI)

Contact us and learn more about your options for fluorescence slide scanning with Microvsioneer manualWSI!



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