Manual Whole Slide Imaging

Save time. Save money. Save images.

Watch a quick demo!

Why should you scan a slide at all?

Image Analysis

Process your digital slides using sophisticated image analysis tools to create new insights!


Measure and annotate the regions of interest on the whole sample to generate reliable results!

Sharing your digital slides with colleagues is easy. Just upload them to


Use virtual microscopes to educate students instead of equipping a classroom with  dozens of microscopes. No student will damage your slides anymore!


See a resulting zoomable image!

Click into the grey region to activate the zoom view:

What do you need?

2. Camera Adapter

You need a compatible camera adapter. Adapters from 0.5x to 1.0x will work. Ask Microvisioneer to find out if your equipment meets the required specifications.

4. Software

Buy the manualWSI software directly from Microvisioneer with online support. Alternatively, ask for support from a local reseller.

You need a compatible camera. Ask Microvisioneer to find out if your camera is already supported. New cameras are added on a first come first serve basis.

3. Camera

You need a microscope with a trinocular tube. That means the microscope needs to have a camera port.

1. Microscope

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