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mvLive - New Microscope View Broadcasting Solution

Microvisioneer launches a new software solution for streaming the live camera image, adding to Microvisioneer’s toolbox of high-quality and easy to use solutions for modern digital microscopy. The solution is ideal for quick and easy consultation with remote colleagues, as the microscope view can be broadcast in real time.

Thanks to its special broadcasting technology, the image quality of live views shared by mvLive is far superior to that of conventional screen sharing tools.

mvLive is compatible with a wide range of microscope cameras. It can be used as a stand-alone tool or fully integrated with Microvisioneer’s manual scanning software.

Live streaming of the microscope image via the internet
Microvisioneer mvLive - Share the live camera image

mvLive is available as a Cloud Edition, which streams the live image over the web, or as a LAN Edition, which runs in closed networks.

Try mvLive today and convince yourself!

Contact us via or register on the mvLive website.


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