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Good Reasons for Scanning Manually with Microvisioneer manualWSI

Scanning manually with the Microvisioneer manualWSI software comes with several great advantages, and it is exceptionally suitable for certain use cases. Just have a look at the numerous benefits of manual whole slide imaging with your existing microscope.


This benefit is obvious. Upgrading your existing microscope to a manual scanner with the Microvisioneer manualWSI software is certainly much more affordable than acquiring and maintaining a new automated device.


Yes, you can save precious time with the manual scanning solution:

The Microvisioneer scan software is readily available. You decide to go digital today, you start to scan your slides tomorow.

You can scan any slide on the fly on your desk with your microscope.

Scanning a lower volume of slides and/or small specimens manually is often quicker than scanning with an automated device.

Manual scanning is a valuable back-up when automated devices require maintenance.


Just as you can view any slide through your microscope, you can scan almost any slide with your microscope and the manualWSI software at high quality.

Scan large, thick, or unven slides; scan with oil immersion, polarized light, phase contrast or fluorescence.


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