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New 2023 Fluorescence Edition Released

Microvisioneer releases a new version of the Fluorescence Edition of the manualWSI and the mvSlide manual scanning software.

The new 2023 Edition comes with an improved user interface for both single-channel and multi-channel fluorescence imaging when a CoolLED illumination system is used as fluorescence light source.

For this set-up, users can now control the CoolLED fluorescence illumination directly in the Microvisioneer software interface:

  • The CoolLED illumination can be switched on and off via the Microvisioneer manual scanning software

  • The intensity of each channel can be cotrolled

  • All settings can be saved as presets

These novel features will save time, increase the reproducibility of the scans and make scanning even faster.

For a better impression of the possibilities of manual scanning with the new Microvisioneer 2023 Fluorescence Edition, watch the video below.

Contact us to learn more and to get a free trial if you already have a compatible Olympus microscope camera!

Contact details: e-mail: phone / WhatsApp: +49 (0) 151 41605950


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