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mvSlide for Olympus Microscope Cameras

Quality attracts Quality - Microvisioneer's outstanding manual slide scanning is now fully compatible with Olympus microscope cameras!

Microvisioneer's mvSlide Edition for manual scanning, previously developed to support Carl Zeiss Axiocam cameras, has now been extended to support high-quality microscope cameras from Olympus.

The mvSlide Edition for Olympus Microscope Cameras is available as Brightfield and as Fluorescence Edition.

Microvisioneer is excited to now offer fully integrated support for cameras from two of the most prominent microscopy camera manufacturers, Olympus and Carl Zeiss, to comprehensively meet our customers' needs and expectations and enable the benefits of digital pathology.

mvSlide for Olympus Microscope Cameras is compatible with Olympus cameras DP22, DP27, DP28, DP73, DP74, and DP80.

Olympus cameras image stitching digital pathology
Digital Pathology with Microvisioneer Manual Whole Slide Imaging and Olympus Microscope Cameras

Contact us to learn more and to get a free trial if you already have a compatible Olympus microscope camera!

Contact details: e-mail: phone / WhatsApp: +49 (0) 151 41605950


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