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New Telemicroscopy Starter Package by Microvisioneer

Currently, telemicroscopy solutions are getting increasingly relevant, allowing to bridge geographical and social distances. However, telemicroscopy solutions are often expensive and it takes time to have them readily available.

But you don’t need to wait for expensive equipment. Microvisioneer now introduces its Telemicroscopy Starter Package.

Upgrade your microscope and create and share virtual slides.
Microvisioneer Telemicroscopy Starter Package

Upgrade your existing microscope

You only need a trinocular microscope, a computer and our immediately available, affordable and easy to implement telemicroscopy package. It allows you to upgrade your microscope to a manual scanner, to create high-quality zoomable Whole Slide Images, and to share these slides within seconds with anyone, even with slow internet connections. Save time, don’t take any risk and start now!

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