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Microvisioneer: new exclusive distributor of microDimensions digital pathology software

We are happy to share the great news that Microvisioneer has just become the worldwide exclusive distributor of microDimensions Voloom and Slidematch, digital pathology software solutions for image analysis and 3D histology reconstruction that facilitate medical researchers to perform faster and more accurate assessment of histological specimens.

3D histology reconstruction
3D segmentation and volumetric quantification of a tumor with microDimensions Voloom

MicroDimensions' software products fit perfectly into Microvisioneer's portfolio of innovative slide scanning solutions and will allow us to offer even more tailored solutions to our customers.

We will introduce the individual solutions in more detail in the next days.

For more information please also visit the microDimensions website and do not hesitate to contact us:

phone / WhatsApp: +49 (0) 151 41605950


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