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Microvisioneer launches mvSlide for Carl Zeiss Axiocam Cameras

The brand new Microvisioneer mvSlide Edition has been specifically developed to be compatible with Carl Zeiss Axiocam cameras.

Through this optimized integration, the excellent and proven performance of Carl Zeiss Axiocam cameras for digital imaging in light microscopy and the outstanding Microvisioneer manual whole slide imaging approach are perfectly combined to guarantee the best image quality and user experience possible.

mvSlide is compatible with Carl Zeiss Axiocam 305, 503, 506, 512, 702, 705, 712 and Carl Zeiss AxioCam MR Rev. 3 and HR Rev. 3

Contact us to learn more.

Get a free trial if you already have a compatible Carl Zeiss Axiocam camera!

Contact details:

phone / WhatsApp: +49 (0) 151 41605950


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