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Microvisioneer introduces partner company DLS Pathology Services

Microvisioneer partners with several companies worldwide to enhance the support and service we can offer to our customers. Based on these partnerships we are able to extend our portfolio, allowing us to suggest individual solutions to our customers, ultimately facilitating the transition to digital workflows in various environments.

One of these partners is the Australia-based DLS Pathology Services.

Partner of Microvisioneer: DLS Pathology Services

DLS Pathology Services provides expert digital pathology support to established and developing pathology services of any size and location, particularly in the Asia-Pacific. They provide expert and affordable second opinions on challenging cases, laboratory support (including for immunohistochemistry) and primary reporting of high-impact cases (by negotiation), using innovative digital technologies. Their aim is to support local pathology services by offering education, rapid turnaround on second opinions, and personal interaction.

See what they have to offer on their website and get in touch to talk.


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