Manual Whole Slide Imaging


Save time. Save money. Share slides.

Your immediately available, affordable and easy-to-implement telepathology solution.

Bridge distances and keep working from anywhere.

Save time without taking any risk.

Scan and Share Whole Slide Images 

short term affordable telemicroscopy solution
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Upgrade your microscope with a camera and the Microvisioneer manualWSI software to a manual scanner.

Create zoomable Whole Slide Images at the desired magnification.

Share virtual slides within seconds with anyone via the internet with the Microvisioneer InstaSlide software.

telemicroscopy workflow


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Time Saving

Camera and software are immediately available. 

Slide sharing is possible wihtin seconds, even with a slow internet connection.

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No expensive hardware is required.

After 6 months, no further costs occur if the system is not needed anymore.

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Easy Implementation and Usage

Easy camera and software installation. Intuitive and user friendly software.

Microvisioneer experts provide support whenever necessary. 

Telemicroscopy Starter Package

  • 6 months starter package

  • purchase additional months depending on your needs

Package Content

For upgrade of microscopes with a trinocular head.

  • Camera suitable for manual scanning

  • Camera adapter

  • Guaranteed shipping within 2-3 business days

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