Microvisioneer mvSlide
for Olympus Microscope Cameras

Manual Slide Scanning - Compatible with Olympus Microscope Cameras

Microvisioneer mvSlide has been specifically developed for use with Carl Zeiss Axiocam cameras*.

Combine two of the highest quality products on the digital microscopy market for the fast creation of panorama images at the best possible image quality, flexibility and user experience!

mvSlide software

fast panorama imaging digital pathology
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professional performance

panoramic image stitching

Upgrade your microscope to a manual slide scanner!
Scanning with mvSlide is extremely fast and the file size is unlimited.
Open industry file formats are supported.
The transition to digital workflows has never been easier.

*Compatible with Carl Zeiss Axiocam 305, 503, 506, 512, 702, 705, 712 and Carl Zeiss AxioCam MR Rev. 3 and HR Rev. 3


See How to Scan with mvSlide

Manual Scanning with mvSlide & 
Carl Zeiss Axiocam Cameras


Convert your existing microscope with a Carl Zeiss Axiocam camera and the Microvisioneer mvSlide scan software to a manual microscope slide scanner.


Software installation is extremely easy.

A simple microscope upgrade - your ticket to virtual microscopy.


microscope upgrade Zeiss Axiocam digital pathology slide scanning

Zoom into Scans Created with mvSlide & Carl Zeiss Axiocam Cameras!

Scan Right Away on Your Desk - 
Benefits of Microvisioneer mvSlide

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Upgrading of microscope with the mvSlide software is inexpensive. No maintenance costs occur. The manual scanner can be an alternative to an automated scanner or an add-on or back-up.

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Time Saving

Immediately available solution.

Scanning of smaller areas is often faster compared to automated scanners.

Manual scanning compensates for outage of automated scanners.

flexible Icon.png


Maintains flexibility and features of the microscope.

Slides can still be assessed via the eyepiece. The quality of the Carl Zeiss Axiocam camera contributes to the quality of the Scan.

Versatile Icon.png


The manual scanning system is suitable for exceptional slides, such as thick or uneven slides.

Possibilities of Whole Slide Imaging with mvSlide & Carl Zeiss Axiocam Cameras

Image Analysis Icon_db.png

Image Analysis

Use the hiqh-quality whole slide images to perform representative and reproducible analyses. Automate image analysis.

Docu Icon _db.png


Save your digital slides, annotations and comments.

Preserve the original staining.

Create publication-ready high-quality images.

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Scan your own teaching slides and move away from expensive glass slides.

All students see exactly the same virtual slide, remotely and simultaneously.

Collab Icon_db.png


Share virtual microscope slides with your colleagues worldwide.

Work remotely and save time and costs.


Microvisioneer's innovative mvSlide software and the excellent Carl Zeiss Axiocam cameras complement each other perfectly so that the application is not only extremely easy and intuitive but also ideally suited for various tasks.

Scan interesting slides right away on your desk, or scan particularly thick slides, unusually large slides or uneven slides, which are often a problem for automated scanners.  

Typical brightfield histology or cytology imaging, oil immersion, phase contrast and polarized light imaging is all possible.

Explore a few selected applications of Microvisioneer manual scanning in more detail in the use case section on this website.

For research use only.


brightfield histology
brightfield histology

orang utan brain section, masson goldner trichrome stain

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brightfield cytology
brightfield cytology

gynecologic sample, papanicolaou stain

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brightfield histology
brightfield histology

human intestine, H&E stain

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oil immersion
oil immersion

blood smear, Wright's stain

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polarized light
polarized light

rock thin section

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phase contrast
phase contrast

skin of pig embryo

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